Top 8 Mexican Restaurants in Madrid

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Mexican restaurants in Madrid specialize in serving traditional Mexican cuisine, offering a wide range of dishes like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, guacamole, enchiladas, tamales, and more. They use typical mexican fresh ingredients such as corn tortillas, beef, chicken, pork, beans, rice, chilies, coriander, onion, and various hot sauces.

Some of these restaurants also feature Mexican drinks like margaritas, tequila, micheladas, and Mexican beers. These establishments provide an authentic dining experience popular among locals and tourists seeking genuine Mexican food.

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  1. Here's a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid:
    1. Bakan:
    2. La Mordida:
    3. Takos al Pastor:
    4. 12 Chiles:
    5. The Birra Taquerías:
    6. Mexita:
    7. La Chingona:
    8. Barracuda MX:

Here's a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid:


Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine and a family-friendly atmosphere, Bakan offers a variety of dishes and a wide selection of tequilas and mezcals. It's located near Puerta de Alcalá.

La Mordida:

Famous for its traditional Mexican cuisine, La Mordida is a great spot to visit during Mexico's Fiestas Patrias. It's located on Calle de Pio Baroja.

Takos al Pastor:

Renowned for its affordable yet delicious tacos (only €1 per taco), Takos al Pastor is a must-visit on Calle de la Abada, close to Gran Vía.

12 Chiles:

Located in Mercado de la Paz, 12 Chiles offers affordable tacos (starting at €3.95) and a view of taco preparation.

The Birra Taquerías:

The oldest taqueria in Madrid, offering a wide range of Mexican dishes, including enchiladas and the most popular sauces for tacos and cocktails. Located at Plaza de las Comendadoras 2 and Calle Don Pedro, 11.


Located in Chamberí Market, Mexita offers a fusion of Mexican and Italian cuisines, with tacos starting at just €1.

La Chingona:

An innovative space offering Mexican gastronomy with a Spanish touch. Find a variety of tacos and more at their locations in Calle Argensola, 7, and Camino de la Zarzuela, 23.

Barracuda MX:

Opened by renowned chef Roberto Ruíz, Barracuda MX offers a unique experience inspired by the Mexican Pacific coast, with a focus on raw fish and citrus sauces. It's located on Calle Valenzuela, 7, with tacos starting at €14.20 for two units.

Explore these exceptional Mexican restaurants in Madrid for an unforgettable dining experience. Which one will you choose?

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